Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In or Out?

So, I decided that...I'm in! 
I'm going to explore Incognito, Hidden Braces. I booked my exam with one of the great doctors at Align. At the exam, the dental assistant took photos of my smiling face and my teeth and a few x-rays as well. Dr. Duncan discussed all the options, and I was a candidate for Invisalign, regular braces or Incognito.

However, I had a few issues. I guess this is common for adults. I had been in an car accident in my early 20's. My front tooth had broken off and had been crowned. I now needed a root canal on my crowned tooth before any treatment could be considered. She suggested that I see a root canal specialist and then a crown and bridge specialist.Oh, and to boot, I also have shorter roots on my front teeth. This means, if I do get orthodontics again, she will need frequent x-rays to watch that my roots don't get any shorter.
$$$, so...I'm out!

But, after thinking long and hard, I thought that I would at least hear what these specialists have to say. After all, it is my front tooth, and I would hate to lose it. So I'm in!

12 weeks later...I have had my root canal. Positive experience. Healing well. Another 6 weeks of waiting for the appointment with the crown and bridge specialist.
The verdict. I may need more crowns than just on the root canal tooth. My current crown is wearing away my lower front teeth. He wants to crown my lower front teeth too.Arrg, I am sooooo out...the door is hitting me on the way out!

Time for a heart to heart chat with Dr. Duncan. She explains that orthodontic treatment is perfect for me. The braces will move my front teeth out of the way and prevent any further wearing. Plus, I won't need to have any additional crowns, plus I'll get my wish to have straight teeth again, plus if I go with Incognito, no one will know I am wearing braces...I'm TOTALLY in!

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  1. That is an awesome post! That is a great orthodontist right there if you ask me! Nothing better than a good orthodontist that works with you and explains what is going on!! That's how my orthodontist in Edmonton is!